Welcome to Bangsean Myhome Guest House


Bangsean Myhome Guest House ,Stay on Bangsaen sai 2 Road. at Soi.8-9 .

In and out can be done two ways

We have rooms. The daily and monthly. A peacful and calm comfort privacy, security

and parking facilities. and The facilities within the rooms.

Air conditioning, fan, water heater, refrigerator, TV and the Internet.

Prices start from 450 Baht

In front of the house.

Hall. And banquet facilities.

(Please contact the Banquet Facilities)



Rooms are available in a wide variety of formats.


Bangsean Myhome Guest House. Offers many styles to choose from. The rooms are spacious and have a balcony. Space for leisure reading. Internet. And activities and hosting parties.

(Please contact for more space)

A large room with a balcony.
A large room with a balcony.
Large hexagon
A large room with a balcony
standard room
standard room
Area behind the house for reading and relaxing.
Area behind the house for hosting parties


Attractions recommendations


@Bangsaen beach. There are many interesting places to visit as you browse.
Some beaches are magnificent. Cyclists enjoy a visit to the beach.

Relex and Sea view@ Lamtan , Workship NAJA God @ Tepsatic Tribunal

Buying sea food and souvenirs@ Ang-sila

Evening walk on the beach walking and stop eating delicious fresh seafood and famous.

If you think about the rest. We welcome you to Myhome Guest House

Call for Reservation Tel 038 - 382 187 or Tel. 086 - 610 5345

24 hour a day

In case of emergency call or not Staff. Tel 091- 414 3810